heather steven's heatherbell bears...

The Teddy Bear Shop is delighted to stock locally made plush bears by Tasmanian artist Heather Steven of Heatherbell Bears ... these handmade teddies are all fully jointed and made to the highest standard with lots of love. They are medium in size and ideal for collectors or for children as a 'forever bear'.

"This photo is me with the very first bear I made: he is the grey bear. The ginger bear is the last one my mum made. Both rather special to me." HB

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"My mother started knitting bears for my children and her other grandchildren over 50 years ago. She soon graduated to fur fabric bears.
When my grandchildren started to come along she told me it was my turn to continue the tradition. I was staying in Melbourne with her at the time as my dad was in hospital, and she said I needed something to do!! Not fussed for knitting I made my first bear, well when he looked at me with eyes so trusting I fell in love.

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Tasman SOLD



Arthur SOLD

"Over the years I made him many friends, who grew up and eventually left home going to live with other families. Most come from the same pattern others slightly different maybe smaller or larger. Even though their faces are basically the same some seem to have cheeky grins others have loving tender smiles, some are quite solemn people and others are ready for adventure, but all are loving and want to be loved and hugged."

Gordon SOLD

"As a little girl my mum would occasionally call me 'Heatherbell' I don’t know why and I think only when I was being good. So when, a couple of years ago, my now 16 year old granddaughter’s  dance group held a fundraiser she asked me if I would donate one of my bears, which I did. When they asked her who do they acknowledge I said tell them “Heatherbell” bears, thinking that would be the end of that. The following year they requested another bear and so 'Heatherbell' bears has stuck."

Stanley SOLD

"My eldest daughter newly married and living in Brisbane at the time of her first daughter (now 25) sent me a poster of a bear sitting in an oversize chair with these words by Sarah McClellan:

 Learn to listen like a teddy bear
With ears open and mouth closed tight
 Learn to forgive like a teddy bear
With heart open, not caring who is right
Learn to love like a teddy bear
With arms open and imperfect eyesight.

I like to think my bears have these characteristics." HB